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February 14, 2013

Ghosts n Goblins & Dig Dug Get toys? Yup... I'm In!!!

I am not a big toy collector, nor do I claim to be up on the whole toy game. But given the fact that it has gotten larger and larger over the last few years to the point where toys & collecting toys have infiltrated the mainstream, it is hard not to catch some news about cool releases every now and again. And when the tidbits I come across are from two of my favorite coin-op/Nintendo games of all time, they get showcased here on CCD. Ghost n Goblins may be my favorite side scrolling 8 bit game ever. I love the adventures of Arthur in his quest against Lucifer. And I always loved the fact that you would lose your armor when you first got hit, and would be forced to play the rest of the board in your underwear. Dig Dug is my favorite old school coin operated game. You can keep you Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Space Invaders, Galga, etc.... I'll stick with inflating bad guys until they burst and dropping rocks on their heads! Both of these properties were given the toy treatment by a company called Gargamel. These cool ass toys seem to come unpainted, and then are customized any way you want. Since I am not really up on the whole toy game, I am not sure. But these look amazing, so I thought I should share. Head on over to Kaiju Korner to hear what Andy has to say about these releases as well as over 200 other pics he took at Wonder festival 2013, the years first big toy event. Go ahead afetr the jump to see the Ghost n Goblins/Dig Dug to pics....

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