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February 6, 2013

80s Toys by Hartter

My geeky man love for the art of Sean Hartter is well known, but the more I go through his back log of pieces over at his site the more I realize I need to share this amazing stuff with the world. I can't wait for October to roll around and we have our first CCD table at the New York City Comic Con in collaboration with my main man Sean. Today we will take a look at some of the retro 80s toys that Sean has created over the years via digital manipulation and his own unique stylings. Some of these are so well suited (Maximum Overdrive Optimus Prime? Yeah... that is perfect!), and some are a bit more ambitious (Leon the professional MOTU figure? WTF!!!!). either way, all of them are awesome. Enjoy them after the jump, and get on over to Sean's site and buy some of his prints. Like now....