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January 24, 2013

Soooo..... Mickey Was In On The Merger All Along!!!

This is just too cool not to post. I was cruising over at the Star Wars blog where I came across an article by Pablo Hidalgo that deals with a certain little Easter Egg from The Empire Strikes Back. Ya see, Mr. Lucas has always been a huge fan of Disney (kind of ironic, no?) and was even in attendance the day Disneyland opened when he was just 11 years old. So when he was set designing the scenes at the end of The Empire Strikes Back that take place in Cloud City he strategically placed Mickey Mouse head shaped objects on what was supposed to be computer screen walls. Why did he do it? Because he loved him some Mickey. But it is all the more bizarre because last year Lucas would sell LucasFilms to Disney and the Mouse House is now in charge of the direction of the franchise. You can always find cool Star Wars related tidbits over at the official Star Wars blog, but you can see the appearance of Mickey in Empire after the jump...

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