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January 24, 2013

Kate Upton x Mercedes Benz Super Bowl Ad... Yup!

I just came across an leaked version of the Mercedes Benz collaboration with sexy ass Kate Upton for the new CLA car that will run during the Super Bowl. It involves a sexy car, sexy ass Kate, some short shorts... all the makings of a classic ad. But Mercedes dropped the ball a bit, as much as they could in a commercial starring Kate Upton's boobs in a tank top. First mistake, those sandals. Put her in some 6 inch stilettos asap. Second mistake, Kate needs to be washing that car.Is that predictable? Sure... but Kate is a dirty girl and needs to clean up! Finally, what is with the jean shorts and tank top? This girl is a bikini model... the BIKINI MODEL! Please get her in a bikini!!! Well, with those errors withstanding it is still a hot commercial. Check it out about two weeks early after the jump...

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