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December 6, 2012

Three Mashup Posters by Justin Hillgrove

Justin Hillgrove is a very talented artist from Seattle, Washington. He runs a very cool blog entitled Imps & Monsters that helps to update all of the works that he & pal Mike Kapp put out. One of the coolest things they have on their site is three pieces that he has prepared for the upcoming April 2013 art show 'Icons & Influences' at LTD Gallery. The show will feature 30-40 paintings from Hillgrove & Kapp with some classic iconic pop culture characters, and judging from the first three pieces that have been released as a preview I definitely can't wait to see what this show has to offer. One of the pieces mashes up Charlie Brown with Evil Dead, and the other two feature killer Where The Wild Things Are characters. So wonderful.... Check out all three of them after the jump, and watch for more previews from this show in the upcoming future...

Peanuts/Evil Dead

Where The Wild Things Are/Studio Ghibili Characters

Where The Wild Things Are/Usual Suspects

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