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December 25, 2012

On The 12th Day of Christmas (2012), CCD Gave To Me...

Kate. That's all. Just saying that name on this blog is enough for you guys to know who I mean. Kate. Ms. Upton if your nasty. Mega Jugs. The Body. Thickness. The Human Vanilla Thick Shake. My future ex wife. Whatever nickname you choose for her, she is the gift that keeps on giving and a fitting way to wrap up our 3rd annual 12 Days of Christmas-y Sexy Women. She is on a boat in Antarctica in a bikini and furry boots. Good lord, please here my prayers. if I win the mega millions I am buying her. like a slave. But one that is naked all the time and never gets out of bed. That's my grown up Christmas wish....

1 comment:

  1. Kate, in the snow, with an oversized cookie...that is my dream too, my friend.