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December 24, 2012

Django Unchained Figures Done In The Mego Style

These terrific looking figures are are a real throwback to the classic Mego dolls we all remember and love. Fully cloth costumes for the main characters and semi-relalistic head sculps that look like the actors in the movie. Where else are you going to get an ex-slave turned bounty hunter figure these days? Check out more after the jump....

From the highly anticipated new film from prolific director Quentin Tarantino comes this collection of poseable 8″ figures with tailored fabric clothing similar to the retro toy lines that helped define the licensed action figure market in the 1970s.
These characters are faithful to their western looks in Django Unchained and includes the likenesses of such famous Hollywood talent as Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Characters included are Candie, Stephen, Django, Broomhilda, Butch, and Schultz.
Each figure stands approx 8″ tall, with tailored western clothing, and authentic weapons and accessories. Window Box Packaging.

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