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December 4, 2012

Mondo Movie Posters by We Buy Your Kids

Mondo always brings the funk on any posters they release... they won't put the Mondo name on it if it is not a killer poster. But whenever they bring in some fresh artists I always take notice. This week we are seeing 4 movie posters being released by We Buy Your Kids through Mondo and they are all spectacular. There has to be something said about the selection of the films as well. You have a classic 80s flick in Beetlejuice, a hit iconic horror movie in A Nightmare In Elm Street, a cult classic Italian horror film in Deep Red, and an Arnie barbarian movie in Conan... how eclectic is that? Each poster is fantastic in their own rights, so click here to get more details on each one and when they will be officially on sale. As usuall with Mondo, there is a limited amount of each of these so stay on top of it if you want one for your personal collection. Check out all four after the jump...

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