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November 29, 2012

Stephen King Meets The Comics

A couple of months ago I came into possession of a certain hard drive that happened to have 770 Gigabytes of digital comics on it, basically containing the full run of everything Marvel printed from the early 60's to present (thank you JF... you are the man!). There was also a ton of other stuff on there, including comics from other companies and various other cool tidbits. One of those tidbits happened to be all of the books Stephen King has written in a digital format that I can read on my tablet. the reason why this is so great is because I have read almost all of King's books in my teenage years... but I am eager to revisit them again. Doing so through the traditional format of books would be costly and take up lots of space in my house, so  these digitized versions will definitely be coming in handy. I am planning a great Stephen King re-read project for 2013... and I can't be happier! That was until I stumbled upon an old column over at Comic Book Resources in the section called The Line Is Drawn that mashed up Stephen King stories & characters with comic books. What a great fucking idea!!! You can see the full list of submissions by clicking here, but you can see the ones from the books I love the best after the jump. These submissions are all very creative and bring back a lot of memories... can't wait to relive them once again!

Apt Pupil/ Red Skull by Nick Perks

Northeast Avengers by Phillip Sevy

The Hulk/Green Mile by Daniel Cox

It by Phillip Sevy 

Shawshank Redemption/Shazam by Brandan Tobin

Maximum Overdrive/Spider Man by John Trumbull

The Body (Stand By Me)/Teen Titans by Bill Walko

The Shining/Deadpool by Marco D'Alfonso

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