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November 30, 2012

OHC of the Day: Willa Holland

Willa Holland is no newbie to the game of Hollywood. Not by a long shot  So why is she todays Obscure Hot Chick of the day? because she is finally coming into her own by playing the sister of Oliver Queen, the title character of the new CW hit Arrow. Funny thing is that Willa is basically Hollywood royalty. Her step dad is Brian De Palma... yup, that Brian De Palma. She has been acting for quite a bit, playing Mischa Barton's little sister on The O.C. and as a guest star on Gossip Girl. She has also been in some films, like the remake of Straw Dogs (really good flick) and Legion (another pretty good flick). Those films did not have an overwhelming amount of success, so people may have missed the lovely Willa. But if you tune in to Arrow you will see her as Thea Queen, aka Speedy, and all of the beauty that she has to give. I am interested to see if Thea will ever develop into the 'Speedy' of the comic books, aka Green Arrow's sidekick. But with eyes like that and a smile that sparkles, either way as long as i get more of her I will be totally happy. enjoy the pics after the jump...


  1. She also plays the starring role in Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes, coming out in a few months.

  2. I am loving ARROW like I have never seen a TV show is my life and she is a great part of a great cast. I hope that her nickname is a prediction of what we can expect down the line. If there has to be nepotism in Hollywood then I am happy to see she is no Sophia Coppola.

    1. I agree Kal... Arrow is so freaking great!!!! And I think we will see much more of little ole Willa shortly...

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