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October 29, 2012

Sean Hartter's Halloween Movie Poster Round Up - Part 1

My main man Sean Hartter is the real deal Holyfield when it comes to re-creating movie posters. The guy just has an unbelievable knack for being extremely creative in the way he re-imagines the marketing material for films. With the state of shit that the film poster industry is in now (if I see one more poster with floating heads or the hero in an action pose I am going to die!) it is refreshing to see someone like Hartter giving a new take on things. Seean decided to give himself a little challenge this month and create 31 unique pieces in honor of Halloween. He picked some classic films that most people know (like Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and also some obscure gems (like Rawhead Rex & Haxan) that will have you searching out the films themselves to see for the first time. Today we will be looking at entries 1-15, tomorrow entries 16-31, and Wednesday (Halloween)   you guys get treated to a special piece made just for us here at CCD!!! Can't wait for you guys to see that one. Check out the first installment after the jump...

#1 - Halloween Japan

#2 - An American Werewolf In London

#3- Misfits Halloween

#4 - The Hitcher

#5 - Cat People

#6  - The Bat

#7 - The Blair Witch Project

#8 - I Spit On Your Grave

#9 - Eyes Without A Face

#10 - Rawhead Rex

#11 - Martin

#12 - Rob Zombies Halloween 2

#13 - The Relic

#14 - Michael Jackson's Thriller

#15 - Ju-On: The Grudge

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