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October 29, 2012

Artin' It Up - All Horror Week Edition by Tommy Lombardozzi - Vol #4

Welcome to day four of our ALL-HORROR WEEK! I bet you East Coasters are having a hulluva good time braving this rat fuck storm. Stay safe and dry!
And, while you are trapped indoors, always remember it could be worse. You could eb trapped in a hotel high in the Colorado Rockies with ghosts, zombies, killer topiary, a rat-faced wife, racist ghostly bartender, a possessed kid who talks to his finger, blow-job giving guys in dog costumes, creepy twin girls, a rotting horny chick in a bathtub, a sea of blood, and THIS guy. Jack Torrance!

See more after the jump...

Yes, if you've been living under a rock for thirty years, I am referencing the film version of 'The Shining'. Stanley Kubrick, master filmmaker, took many liberties with Stephen King's initial source material (his 3rd novel from 1977), but created still a modern horror standard.
Inspiring this all-new, CCD exclusive piece of mine, I proudly present to you


It is a multi-medium piece; Marker, colored pencil, spray paint, pen, ink, and type.
Stop by tomorrow for DAY FIVE! Until then, keep your powder dry.


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