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October 25, 2012

Lo Pan Style... Lo, Lo, Lo... Lo Pan Style!!!

Big Trouble In Little China is not usually considered to be a horror movie... but in my personal opinion it should be. There are a few reasons why I think this is so. First off, the director of the film is Master of Horror himself John Carpenter. That gives it automatic horror cred, even if there is no Captain Kirk mask wearing psycho with a butcher knife. But once you delve into the film itself, you find many examples of horror. Ancient Chinese demons? Check. Mythological weather warriors named Thunder, Rain, and Lightening? Check. The Chinese Wild Man Yeti creature that is there to take on Jack Burton at the Wing Kong Exchange? Double Check. The flying Head of Eyes monster that provides Lo Pan with a view of anything it sees? Yup. And finally Lo Pan himself, all 2,000 years of him? Well, if those aren't enough monsters to make this a horror movie, than I don't know what it is! Anyway, now that we qualified this as a horror flick and justified its inclusion here on All Horror Week,  lets move on to the best Gangnam Style parody ever made. Yup... Lo Pan style!!! This is so well done, including a cameo by the original Lo Pan himself (James Hong) and a musical interlude with Jack Burton himself... wow, let the children of the 80s rejoice! Check the video out after the jump....

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