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October 25, 2012

Freddy In Space & Frank Browning Bring The Silver Shamrocks Halloween III Mask's To Life... For You To Make Jack-O-Lanterns Out Of!!!!

My main man Johnny runs a killer horror blog entitled Freddy In Space... you might have heard me talk about it a few times (wink wink) here on CCD. Anywho, the reason why Johnny's site is so boss is because he realizes that he is a smaller blog and he can never compete with a bigger blog that has cooperate sponsorship. He isn't getting invited to film sets or uncovering hidden stories. So what he tries to do is create as much original content as possible .. and due to the fact that he is an awesome dude, he makes quite a few friends along the way who help him do just that. One of these friends of his is Frank Browning, and they have collabed on some very creative things. But this newest collaboration certainly reaches all new heights. Frank has re-created the Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III... you know, the ones that make the worms & snales come out of the faces of the kids in the movie! Yup that is the Pumpkin Head, Witch and Skeleton that lovers of the classic schlock movie know & love!!!! You can check them out after the jump, and even find a link so that you can download them in a full size to print out and make your own Jack-O-Lanterns out of. Check em out after the jump...

Here are the three of them:

Full size print out by clicking here. 

Full size print by clicking here. 

Print out by clicking here. 

This is how the prints look when applied to a pumpkin:

After they are applied, carve away... and then send results to both me at and Johnny at so we can post the results!!!!

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