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October 2, 2012

Around The World In 80's Daze With Tom Whalen & Dave Perillo

Gallery 1988 is doing God's Work... there is no other way to state what is going on at the Cali art space. These dudes continue to curate beautiful shows highlighting pop art and the coolest pieces that are being posted about all over the Internet by people like me. For the next few weeks Gallery 1988 is running a show called "Around The World In 80's Days", a show highlighting 80's movie travel locations by Tom Whalen & Dave Perillo. Whalen is one of my favorite artists in the game & Perillo is no slouch, so the pieces are fantastic. My favorite has to be the ad for Falkor Air. So great. All my Cali peeps need to get over to the Venice Beach gallery and see these pieces in person. You can also try to grab a print by clicking here, but most are sold out!!! Check out my faves after the jump....

Thanks to Johnny from Freddy In Space for tipping me off for this show:

Dave Perrillo's Best -

Tom Whalen's Best -

Wow, A Halloween 3: Season of the Witch poster... wow!!!!