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October 18, 2012

2012 NY Comic Con - Day #4 In Pictures (10/14/12)

Sunday, the fourth day of Comic Con, is free children day. What does that mean? Well, for one thing there are a hell of a lot more bodies in the building. Yeah, they may be little bodies, but because adults need to mind them everybody moves a tad bit slower. But one of the benefits of this day is you see some really cool group cosplay and kiddie cosplay, and that makes for a refreshing breath of frsh air compared to the sex filled costumes of the first three days. How many cleavage baring Catwoman costumes can one person take? (Alot... give me mucho Catwomen!!!!!) Our own Joe Fletch brought his son Brendan to the show, so my main man Tommy Lombardozzi took some great shots as well to combine with Joe's for your Day 4 offering. Hell of a way to close the show!!!!

Check out the pics after the jump...

Daredevil & Black Widow

Excellent Hawkeye



She-Ra & Modulok

Sif & Enchantress

Cap, Bucky the Winter Soldier, and Black Widow

More Engineer fun

My Man Eric Negron with his excellent Prometheus Pilot costume....

Mr. Freeze


Phoenix & Dark Phoenix Side Shot


Samurai Broad

Nex Gen Crew

Throg, The Frog of Thunder

The Question
Harley, Two Face, and Poison Ivy

Girl in the Magic Card Dress

Sexy Anime

A Clockwork Orange

Rick Grimes & Dr. McNinja


Gambit & Kitty Pryde with a sick ass Lockheed

Lockheed the Dragon closeup

Choked by a Whispering Angel

Adventure Time

Sexy Heroes

TMNT Family

Fine Ass Cap


  1. *cough cough* Weeping Angel *cough cough*. Some great shots throughout the days. You guys saw way more than I did this year.