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October 16, 2012

2012 NY Comic Con - Day #2 In Pictures (10/12/12)

We are on the floor of the NY Comic Con snapping up as many cool shots as we possibly can of whats going on for all of you guys out there that can't make it here. Cosplay took center stage on Day #2 of the Con, since it was the first official day open to the public. My main man Joe Fletch got the Canon on full blast, so sit back and enjoy the show. This is what was going on at the 2012 NY Comic Con...

Photos after the jump...

Deadpool LMFAO

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mega Man

Symbiote Spidey & Black Cat

Human in a Cage being carried by a Gorilla... one of the most original costumes

Street Fighter... Johnny & Zangrief

Poison Ivy, Black Mask, Bats, and Harley

Sexy Monster Chick & Umbrella Soldier

Very sexy Freddy

Cap & Spidey

Sexy Harley

Iron Man Full Armor


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Bluntman & Chronic... much hotter than Jay & Silent Bob!!!

Sexy Vintage Cap

Lady Sif & The Enchantress

Poison Ivy & Rogue

Killer Adventur Time Cosplay

Doc Strange is a pimp....

Judge  Doom from Roger Rabbit... this guy had a five foot buzzsaw arm!!!!

Classic Aquaman

Mortal Kombat

Adventure Time Group Shot

Penis & Vagina repping the Vagicons & Scroticons

The All New TMNT

Phoenix & Dark Phoenix... who is that sexy guy in the background photobombing?

Classic Ant Man

Double Blade Action

The Engineer from Prometheus is a pimp...



Gotham Group

Aang the Last Airbender


Jon Snow & Daenrys

Lord Doom


Nex Gen Crew

Master Chief & Poison Ivy

So Nice We Did It Twice

Half the JLA

Cap & Ms. Marvel

The Dark Knight.... pun intended!!!

I'm glad she chose to go maskless.... Deadpool corps!!!


  1. WOW...that is a fantastic collection. I can never see enough good Harley Quinn cosplay and I love the elderly Doctor Strange.

  2. Fun.
    I like the thick goodness of that Sexy Vintage Cap! MING!