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October 13, 2012

2012 NY Comic Con - Day #1 In Pictures (10/11/2012)

We are on the floor of the NY Comic Con snapping up as many cool shots as we possibly can of whats going on for all of you guys out there that can't make it here. Cosplay, displays, promotions, products, cartoons, TV shows, movies, video games, and especially COMICS will all be represented in the insane pics we take. My main man Joe Fletch got the Canon on full blast, so sit back and enjoy the show. This is what was going on at the 2012 NY Comic Con...

Photos after the jump

The dope ass Ad for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Tommy has been Trapped In The Closet for a minute... Bing Bong!!!

The Mech Suit being attacked by the Queen Alien... and you can be photoed in it!

Insane Lego's:

Legion of Doom!!!

Hall of Justice

X Mansion

Portal from The Avengers

Loki & the Chturi

TL Investigates....

Star Wars peeps
Lego X Wing

Doc Brown!!!!

Hey You  GUYS!!!!!

Fuck You Ferrigno

The Emperor from Star Wars is charging more for autographs than Christopher Lloyd or Adam West? 

Nerd Speed Dating....

Diversity In Comics Exhibit

Diversity In Comics Display

Diversity in Comics Exhibit

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Sexy Ass Cap!!!!

David Lloyd of V for Vendetta fame sketched me my own Guy Fawkes in my Graphic Novel!!!!

Batgirl Cosplay... excellent!!!!

I Know You Are But What Am I????

Vega... Fight!!!!

This guy dressed like Chun Li....

And he just happens to be the Exec Producer of Street Fighter Yoshinori Ono!!!!!

Ono, you are the man!!!!!

Darkstalkers is coming back!!!!!

Stay Puft Marshmallow blow up!!!!

Sexy Alien Ass Cosplay....

Darth Maul in Legos... WTF!!!!

Tommy getting Force Pushed....

Gandalf & Bilbo Lego Statues!!!!

Lego Hulk!!!

Lego Hulk... Smash!!!!

The Falcon

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill chokes out Bane

Hulk Ad

Insane 8 foot God of War Statue

Mystery Machine


88 mph!!!!

Tommy, Guillermo del Torro, and Mike D

What A Nice Guy GdT was... so cool!

Supergirl decks Tommy

Tommy & Supergirl

Balck canary & Green Arrow, with Mike D in the background scoping out back issues...

Is Jeff Bond a Lego figure too?

Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Many, Many Things... get it?

Deadmaus cheese head

Killer Bane Cosplay

Street Fighter... 25 Years Strong!

Even the Hulk Poo's....

Exterminate! Exterminate!!!!


  1. okay... score on Guillermo del Torro and why the hate for Lou F... thank you for sharing.

    1. Guillermo was the man. The reason I hate on Lou Ferrigno is because he was a dick to me at a con a few years back. I got him to sign MY PERSONAL copy of a Hulk DVD, therefore didn't take any of the merchandise he was offering. I still paid full price though (40 bucks) which I was happy to do. I asked him to take a pic with my camera and he told me that would be another 40 bucks. Despite the fact that I wanted to take it with my camera and not his polaroid and depsite the fact that I paid him 40 bucks for the DVD and he did not give me an 8 x 10 from his own stuff. That pissed me off, so fuck him....

    2. okay... now i see, another so-so celeb... that forgets why he is able to sell an autograph for 40 bucks. it's cause of us the fans.

  2. Those were sweet. One day I am gonna be in the actual pictures instead of photoshopping myself into them...which I don't do...honest.