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September 4, 2012

The 'Step Brothers' 4th Anniversary Art Show @ Gallery 1988

The gang over at Gallery 1988 are just awesome at picking topics for their art shows. Hot off the closing of their wildly successful Crazy 4 Cult: NYC show, we are getting a 4th anniversary art show in honor off 'Step Brothers'. Yup, I just typed that... 4th anniversary. How cool is that? They ain't even waiting for the 5th anniversary yo... it's Boats and Hoes all the way at Venice Beach location. I love this movie more and more... You have to watch it repeatedly to really enjoy it the most. You can click here to see most of the artwork being offered from the show, and you can see the ones I liked best after the jump.

Jagaloons by Aaron Sechrist

Childish Things by Brad Hill

Did You Touch My Drumset by Charles Moran

Brennan & Dale's Movie Poster by Cuyler Smith

Huff n Doback by Darin Shock

And Your Not Going To Not Get Randy Jackson's Autograph, Right? by Fernando Reza

My Nutsack On Your Drumset by Jason Edmiston

1 comment:

  1. These are nothing short of amazing! Jagaloons! How could you go wrong with this? You can't!