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August 17, 2012

OHC of the Day: Paulina Gretzky

When you have a dad that is nicknamed 'The Great One' and a godfather that is known as the savior of hockey in New York City, you certainly come from good stock. Such is the case with Paulina Gretzky, daughter of Wayne Gretzky & god daughter to Mark Messier. But when I say she comes from good stock, I had no idea that just because her father was the greatest hockey player of all time he would sire one of the hottest creatures on the f'n planet!!! Youngster Paulina is pretty hot, but is also quite talented. She is a classically trained singer and has her first album coming out on Universal Records later on this year. She is also about to make her movie debut in Grown Ups 2, and despite the fact that I am not looking forward to that steaming pile of shit as a movie I am looking forward to seeing Paulina and her twin boob cannons in that green bikini that leaked in the set photos this week (yup, its after the jump!). She is also making the rounds in all the lad mags and uses her Twitter & Instagram for exactly what they were intended for... posting nearly naked bikini pics of herself and her drunken hot friends. Either way, I am thankful to Wayne for giving us this beautiful creature. Remember where you seen her first... as CCD's Obscure Hot Chick of the Day!!!! Pics after the jump...

And it all comes full circle!!!

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