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August 17, 2012

CCD Links It Up - Vol #1

I surf the 'Net alot, but not every cool ass thing that I come across can be turned into a CCD post. So I am starting a post where I can include a few cool ass links that you may be interested in. These tidbits are really cool and if you like what we do on CCD then you are sure to like them. Tell them that Mike CCD sent ya!!!! Enjoy the links after the jump...

Just click the highlighted link to read the story:

1) IO9 has a list of 10 comic characters that are cooler than Batman. I don't think that is possible to have a character that is cooler than Batman, but the list is good none the less. 

2) Sticking with the Batman theme, here is an insane infographic that chronicles over 70 years of The Batman and was posted over at Fanboy.

3) Check out the hotness that is model Sydney Barlette by checking out her modeling page here and her gallery over at Beer Mug Sports by clicking here.

4) Get in on the fun and organize a Tugg movie event in your area. Tugg is a service that allows you to pick from the movies they offer (over 600) and schedule a screening of the film at local theaters around the country. See some classics and some newer flicks (the selection is great) at your local AMC and other theaters by setting up a screening right now. (CCD is sponsoring a few of these in the future. Stay tuned for details).

5)  So apparently Jean Claude Van Damme is all about making sure that all of his roles are completely accurate to the original source material, because when he played Guile in the Street Fighter movie he was banging a then 22 year old Kylie Minogue (the pop singer played Cammie in the film). I don't know whats crazier, the fact that these facts are just getting aired now 20 years later or the fact that Minogue slept with The Muscles From Brussels after watching him butcher lines all day on that movie set

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