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August 17, 2012

CCD Supports The 'Batman Art Auction' To Benefit The Victims Of The Aurora, CO Shootings

I remember coming home on the opening night of 'The Dark Knight Rises' and not being able to go to bed despite the fact that it was well past 3 am in the morning and I had work at 8 am. I turned on the news and was shocked to hear early details about the tragic shootout that occurred at the Aurora, Colorado screening of the film. I sat there in awe, thinking back on how many of the billions of midnight shows I have attended and how much it would suck to get shot while trying to enjoy an early screening of a film. So when a friend of mine named Kim Gordon hit me up on Facebook and told me about an awesome Batman Art Auction that she was contributing to with all the proceeds going to victims of the shooting I just knew I had to help spread the word. So make sure you check out the official page here & here, as well as the Ebay page that has a few items for sale already by clicking here. There are some solid pieces so far, most notably an original interior page from artist Walk Flanigan from his Kevin Smith written Batman mini series The Widening Gyre. That is pretty pimp. Kim created an awesome piece that features Batgirl (it will be up soon for sale) and I am going to be sending the link out to some of CCD's artist friends (Tommy Lombardozzi, Anthony Picone, Sean Hartter, etc) to urge them to contribute a piece to this fine cause. Pony up and buy something to support the victims of a this horrible event... Nerds Unite!!!! Check out some pics after the jump...

Batgirl by Kim Gordon

Batman Skate Board Deck by Brandon Kemp

Interior Page From The Widening Gyre Mini Series by Walt Flannigan 

Batman Creature by Iam Skelton 


  1. The deadline to get involved was August 3rd. So, I missed it and wasn't able to contribute. Bah.