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July 18, 2012

Who The Hell Is Rita Ora & Why Is She So F@#king Hot???

I have been hearing a pop song called 'How We Do' (Party & Bullshit) being played on the radio for over a month now. But since MTV & other music networks don't play music videos anymore (wtf is up with that anyway?) I have never seen the video for the song. But that changed early this morning and I saw the video, and good god this Rita Ora chick is smoking hot!!!! I think I have a new crush. I am loving this sexy little bastard... and the song is catchy as fuck as well. Enjoy the song as well as some pics of this beautiful 21 year old (yup, she is legal!!!) after the jump...


  1. Hot? Um, no. Cute? Nope. Good looking? Nah. Sorry Mike D, I'm not down with this one!

  2. Song sucks. I thought it was Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez when I heard it on the radio prior to this. That being said, super-cute and could totally get it.