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July 19, 2012

The Incredible Hulk TV Movies Get a Poster Via Sean Hartter

I haven't featured my boy Sean Hartter's work here on CCD because he hasn't been releasing stuff with his regular frequency as of late. I know that is because he is busy becoming a huge artist with international fame and fortune (remember CCD when you are living the life of a jet setting poster artist SH!), but this week he seems to be back on his grind posting stuff on his cool ass website. One of the coolest pieces he posted this week is his dual poster for the classic Marvel TV Series The Incredible Hulk. We get both The Return of the Incredible Hulk & The Trial of the Incredible Hulk... yup, both the 1st appearances of Thor & Daredevil!!! This is so freaking awesome... you gotta love this kind of stuff. Check out the full size poster after the jump...


  1. I remember teasing my sister about her love for Rex Smith the singer or SEXY REXY as I called him. Then he had to go and play DAREDEVIL and play him WELL. To this day I will decry how Rex ruined one of my favorite characters in public but privately I dig him for what he did with the role at a time when there was NOTHING on the live action movie horizon.

  2. Pretty sweet. It makes Daredevil look a lot cooler than he was in that movie.