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July 9, 2012

Palette Swap: Artists Recreating Iconic Video Game Box Art In Their Own Unique Styles

I am a true 80's baby, and this makes me a person who experienced the true first era of home video games Now I know their were home video game systems before the 80s (Atari, Intelivision, Collico Vison, etc), but in reality these systems were clearly overshadowed by their coin operated arcade counterparts... that was up until Nintendo changed the game forever with the release of Robbie the Robot, Gyromite & Duck Hunt back in 1984/5. Then came Genesis, Neo Geo, Turbo Grafix 16, and many more systems who gave us the unique opportunity to play fine crafted video games at home. These games had to come in packaging, and that packaging became a part of our lives as gamers... plus the images on the cover helped sell the games in the years before Internet preview & game play videos. I totally remember buying games that were total shit just because they had some cool ass cover art. So when I stumbled upon a cool new website called Palette Swap, I was completely enthralled. Here current artists take on some of the iconic images from video game boxes of the past and make it their own, adding unique little twists to make them amazing. I also like that the blog includes the original art as well for a comparison... very cool idea. Check out all the good work that site creator Rusty Shackles & the rest of the artists are doing by clicking here, and click after the jump to see the ones I liked best...

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