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July 9, 2012

Happy Munn-Day!!!

Another week in the books, another chance to honor the beauty that is Olivia Munn... welcome to Munn Day!!! This week we check in with the wonderful Asian pear at the premiere for Magic Mike. Now I haven't seen Magic Mike yet, but I am automatically a fan of the film for three reasons: 1) I like Channing Tatum & the dude is entertaining. I am glad to see him succeed. 2) It is about time ladies got their own eye candy movie, and this film has no shortage of hot dudes & 3) Most importantly I hear that Ms. Olivia Munn appears TOPLESS in the film!!!!! Yup, you read that right... you can see Munn's perky prickly pears in all their glory during Magic Mike. Now we can compare them to those nudie photos that were leaked last year and see if those really were Ms. Munn. Check out the glamorous Munn in a beautiful gown at the premiere after the jump, and make sure you get out to see Magic Mike for yourself.


  1. She's a bonnie dazzler for sure. I really like her on the Newsroom. I hope that series does big things for her career. She is a tough person to match a winning property too but we All want her to be a big star.