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July 2, 2012

Happy B-Day Jeff Bond!!!

The CCD fam has grown and shrank over the two years we have been in existence. Some contributors started off hot & heavy and have faded into the background, and some contributors only drop a post off every once and again. But there is one constant here at CCD besides me, and that is my boy Jeffrey Bond. This guy started as the 1st additional contributor to CCD with his Lost recap blogs, and after getting involved he wanted to help out more & more. He has been by my side for celebrations, milestones, and is always around during NY Comic Con when we are using those always handy press passes. Jeff helps keep the site in order, helps with the daily upkeep & maintenance, he scouts out & sends me a lot of the material that turns into posts, and even throws up a couple of posts himself now and again (more often again lately... lets go kid, get in it!!!). So on this day I wish my main man Jeff a Happy Birthday and look forward to many more years of friendship & partnership here at CCD. Click after the jump for a little something something from me in honor of the man that is Jeffery Bond...


  1. Wow a stellar review and an award worthy song parody. It must be my birthday!

    Thanks a lot, man. This almost nullifies 364 days of abuse.

    1. Almost... my abuse is unrelenting and legendary. This barely takes the edge off of it!!!! LOL...

  2. Happy Birthday buddy. Did I just read a blurb you contributed to the latest copy of Geek magazine??? Now that is big time if it's true. I knew both you and the 70s Sci/Fi site your recommended. Can more fame for all of us be far behind?

  3. I wish I could claim this to be true, Kal-L..but, 'tis my doppelganger (in name only)...editor-in- chief 'Jeff Bond' over at 'Geek' Monthly whose article you must have read up on. I get that all the time though. Maybe one day I shall have such a title in within the vaults of geekery. Thanks for the well wishes!