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July 3, 2012

'Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday' - A Fan Film by Bean Dip Productions

Deadpool is probably the most popular character in the Marvel Universe right now, eclipsing the usual fan faves like Wolverine & Captain America over the past few years. Who would have ever thought that Rob Liefield would have ever been able to contribute something so great to the world of comics? The Merc With A Mouth is a definite property that needs to see a big screen film, as proof by the excellent cameo by Ryan Reynolds in the Wolverine: Origins movie (the parts before they took away Ryan Reynolds mouth!!!!). So enter Bean Dip Productions, who decided to craft a fan film entitled 'Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday' that shows just how awesome the character could be if he had his own feature. This one is spectacular, especially if you love some sarcasm on the side with your superhero adventures! Enjoy the full video after the jump...

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