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July 3, 2012

The Horror Die Cut Collection by Max Dalton

Max Dalton is one of those artists that has such a unique style that you can recognize it anywhere you see it. He cranks out tons of cool ass pieces for Spoke Art that put his very own spin on characters that we know and love. But his latest piece is a killer... literally!!! The Horror Die Cut Collection is a piece that features a plethora of the most prolific killers in the history of Cinema. Dalton got all the usual suspects up in there (Freddy, Mike Myers, Jason, Leatherface, etc) and the classics are well represented (Frankenstein, Nosferatu, Dracula, etc).. but it is the more obscure subjects that fill up the poster that really impress me. A faceless Damion from The Omen, Gary Oldman's version of Count Dracula, the VHS tape from The Ring, and the Ventriloquist's Dummy from Magic are just some classic gems that litter this poster. This one brings back a ton of memories. It goes on sale later this week over here, so keep checking in so you don't miss out! You can see the full picture after the jump...

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