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June 18, 2012

That Guy Ray Bradbury Seemed To Know What He Was Talking About When he Was Writing Science "Fiction"

Ray Bradbury passed away last week and I am a dick because I never took a second to pay him proper tribute. Bradbury is responsible for a litany of literary classics, most notably in the Sci Fi genre. His best known works would probably be The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, and one of my all time favorite books Fahrenheit 451. But after he passed away, lots of other more responsible/respectable sites (we suck here at CCD...sorry!!!) ran cool stories in tribute to Mr. Bradbury. One of the best ones that I saw had to an infographic of all the predictions that Ray Bradbury made in his books that ended up coming true in real life. In sci fi people take chances when they "predict" what technology will come in the future, but it seems like my man Ray had much more than a hope when constructing his ideas of what technology in the future would look like. Well played Mr. Bradbury!!! Take a look at the infographic after the jump and if you have never read a Bradbury book put it onto your to do list ASAP....

Thanks for all the memories Mr. Bradbury.... If you can't see the details on the screen if you click it to enlarge, you can click here to see it in a gigantic version!!!

Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy for a great tribute. Thanks to Ria Novosti for a great infographic.

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