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June 12, 2012

Play "Fix It Felix", The Game Within The Movie From Disney's Upcoming Film "Wreck It Ralph"

Wreck It Ralph is shaping up to be one great looking movie, a homage and love letter to the era of coin operated video games & arcades from the 70s & 80s. Those place lost their value once home video game consoles became prevalent with the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. But Disney's newest film seems ambitious, and they are getting all the right nods to the popular games of that time in the footage so far. So Disney decided to make the tie in that seems the most logical and created a playable version of the game from the movie, 'Fix It Felix', so that people can become familiar with the main characters (Good Guy Felix, bad guy Ralph) who will serve as the main characters in the film. You can click here to get taken over to Disney's page for the game and enjoy... but heed this warning, it is quite addictive!!!! Movie is in theaters on November 2nd.

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