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June 12, 2012

This Is The 'Avengers' Sequel I Want To See...

There are alot of reasons why I feel England is superior to the United States when it comes to entertainment. Their TV shows are way better, their movies seem to hold up much better over time, and they have a much broader tolerance for nudity than we do across the pond. It is that final characteristic that makes them the frontrunner for crafting a sequel to this years #1 movie so far, 'The Avengers'. Loaded Magazine, one of the so called "lad mags" over in England (magazines like Maxin that actually show tits & other interesting sexual things), has grabbed model Seren Gibson for a photo spread I like to call "Avengers vs Boobies". Yup, I would watch the shit out of that sequel... fuck a Thanos, give me the boobies!!! Check out the full spread after the jump, and they are full of boobies so be careful in your cubicle.


  1. Nice nips!

    My son has that Hulk figure. It did not come with those stringy undergarments!