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June 11, 2012

The Kessel Run by Old Red Jalopy

There is a science to creating a faux movie poster, especially one in which you plan on using popular characters. You have to put these well known characters into a mash-up situation that befits their own characteristics but is also going to make fans of the original smile at how witty you are. The gang over at Old Red Jalopy are some of the best at this... and they have struck gold once again. I saw 'The Kessel Run' poster over at SuperPunch and I immediately giggled to myself and thought what a great idea this was. Click after the jump for the full size picture and some more thoughts...

The great Star Wars race, The Kessel Run, given a "Cannonball Run" feel with the font and the ensemble cast... how great of an idea is that? And much like Burt Reynolds's awesome car in Cannonball, nobody is possibly gonna keep up with the Flacon baby... What a great poster!!! Great job fellas... keep it coming!!!

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