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June 25, 2012

Image Avalanche #16 by Cal From The Cave of Cool

My man Cal is genuinely concerned about the comment situation here at CCD. In his latest email to me in which he sends me his awesome Image Avalanche collections Cal stated that I should post them but "...I understand if you don't...since they are not really burning up the comments file!". Jesus people, you guys are making me look bad!!! My Canadian Correspondent gets quite a few comments on the posts that he does over at his Cave of Cool. He is used to get feedback from people. But over here at CCD, you guys seem to be to cool for school when it comes to leaving a few thoughts or words of encouragement. I have made my peace with it a long time ago, but now it is effecting my staff of collaborators and I must stand up for the integrity of the site!!!! Lets get it together and please leave Cal some thoughts so that he can keep these awesome image collections coming. If not he might head North of the border forever!!! Click after the jump for the collection of the day....

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