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May 15, 2012

Sean Hartter Creates A 'Sandman' Movie Poster Specifically For Neil Gaiman... Lucky!!!!

Neil Gaiman is my favorite comic book writer. Ever. Sandman is my favorite comic series. Ever. Sean Hartter has become my favorite artist I have discovered on the Internet. Ever!!! Hartter & I have become cool through our respective blogs, but I keep posting his stuff because it is simply awesome. This time he created a faux movie poster for a 'Sandman' movie at the behest of Neil Gaiman himself!!!! The poster is great, but the fact that Gaiman liked Hartter's work & wanted to see what he could do with Dream if he were the main character in a 60's era Hammer Horror Movie!!! Hartter of course killed it, down to the credits on the bottom of the page. Check the full poster out after the jump...

Check out Gaiman's Tumblr where the poster was posted by Neil Himself!!!