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May 9, 2012

'Saber 2 - Return of the Bodywash'

Fanboys exist on all levels. They can be living in their moms basement or multi-million dollar making celebrities. The only difference would be that the multi-millionaires have the means to put their fanboy loves into action. Take my man Seth Green for example. Dr. Evil's son has parlayed his riches into a super successful animation show (Robot Chicken) that tackels all the geek topics that he loves. He also is becoming more involved in directing, so he decided to use his new found talents behind the camera to bring us a live action Star Wars short/fake advertisement for Saber, the Star Wars Universe's answer to Axe bodywash. This one is a geek dream with Chewy, lightsabers, and a special guest appearance but a Star Wars fave. It is also a chance for Seth to show off his sexy ass wife Clare Grant. Its good to be a geek with loot!!! Click after the jump for the full video...

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  1. Check out "Valerie on the stairs" to see "more" of Clare Grant.Wowzaaaa