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May 9, 2012

Mondo Takes On Some Horror Classics For Texas Frightmare Weekend

Mondo recruits the best artists to create the coolest movie posters in the game. That is not debatable. I usually don't even bother posting Mondo posters when they are released. I do not post them not because they suck, but more along the lines that they are usually covered by EVERY BLOG ON THE PLANET since they are so awesome. But when the company focuses its energy on an event like Texas Frightmare Weekend and some  of the horror genres (my fave!) classic films.... well, these are certainly getting posted!!! Enjoy this years five entries and make sure you click on the artist links under each picture to see more of their works.

This first one goes out to CCD's own Jedi Rob Martin!!!!

They Live by Krzysztof Domaradzki

Nightmare On Elm Street by Jay Shaw

The Mole People by Phantom City Creative

The Hills Have Eyes by Jeff Proctor

Henry by Ken Taylor

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