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May 2, 2012

Kate Upton Teaches Us Exactly What The New 'Cat Daddy' Dance Really Is... Thank Goodness!!!

The 'Cat Daddy' seems to be a new dance invented by the Rejects & Chris Brown, and it is apparently an add on to the famous 'Dougie' dance that has been around for a few years. While I am all for dancing, I am only posting this on CCD because there is new video of one of our favorite crushes, Kate Upton, doing the 'Cat Daddy'... in a BIKINI!!! We all know she loves to 'Dougie' (see this right away), so it is only natural she would 'Cat Daddy'... but to do it in a teen, weeny red bikini? Yup, that is all the proof that I need that there is in fact a god and he loves us all.... Thanks to my man Matt H. for sending me this. Catch the insane video after the jump. Make sure you leave some space between your boner and anything it can make contact with. BOING!!!!!

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