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May 24, 2012

Lazy Sunday 2: Parns & Young Sandwich Get Down

Saturday Night Live's 'Lazy Sunday' skit came at the exact right time in the world... it was the perfect storm of events. A young up and coming comedian named Andy Samberg had no problem making a fool out of himself, the Internet was slowly gaining steam, and SNL was losing momentum as a show among the younger generation. But then 'Lazy Sunday' saw Chris Parnell & Andy Samberg embracing a great geeky day in Manhattan through a funny rap, and the video got CRAZY hits on a new website, Youtube. It was one of the first times a video LIVED ON long after the broadcast, and the rest is history. Samberg's SNL Digital Shorts have become the stuff of legend (Laser Cats & the Natalie Portman Rap are pure genius!!!) and they may be coming to an end with Samberg possibly leaving the show. So how do you end it on a solid not? You go out the way you started, with Lazy Sunday 2!!! Watch the newest Digital Short after the jump... we will always love love ya Young Sandwich!!!

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  1. I liked Lazy Sunday 2 -- thought picking Sister Act was pretty funny. Looks like they made a video in response