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May 24, 2012

Check Out The Promo Posters You Never Saw From 'Kick Ass'

'Kick Ass' is such a wonderful adventure of a movie... basically it is the kind of movie that you watch and say "I can't believe they got away with making this crazy fucking movie!!!". The level of violence, inappropriate situations for the teenage characters, and especially Chloe Moretz's 12 year old bad ass Hit Girl... they are all things that could kill a movie before it starts. Yet they got it done, and it is glorious. So now that they are talking about 'Kick Ass 2', some older promo materials is starting to see the light of day. Check out these four posters that feature Kick Ass, Hit Girl, Big Daddy, and Red Mist. These are pretty cool, showing both the costumed & human side of each characters. And if you are going to make a Kick Ass 2, you must get Moretz back and there must be some flashbacks featuring Big Daddy (Nic Cage FTW!!!). The posters are after the jump...

Pics come courtesy of Exophrine: