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May 25, 2012

Hobbits Be Crazy: Check Out Elijah Wood In The New Trailer For 'Maniac'

'Maniac' was one of the craziest movies ever made, and way back in 1980 helped jump start the slasher genre. The movie had iconic VHS box art and was a staple of any horror fan who rented movies from their local mom & pop video shop. The unique Point Of View shots and the awesome early special effects of Tom Savini all made the film quite perfect. So when I heard that they were going to remake the film, as a true horror fan I was a little skeptical. Especially when they added the hobbit man himself Elijah Wood as the title character... how the fuck was Frodo going to scare anybody? Well, one way to get this one right is to add Alejandre Aja to the mix as a producer. The guy is one of the few people in the horror industry who gets it, and has a very strong tie to the original films in this classic genre. The second thing to do would be to release a red band trailer showing Mr. Wood acting "Maniacal"... and holy shit it works!!! Check out the trailer after the jump for proof that even Hobbits can be serial killers...

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