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April 3, 2012

Why Don't Major Cities Like NYC Follow The Genius Marketing Ideas of Disney???

Disney is a company of questionable marketing practices. On one hand they continue to drop the ball on promoting really good movies like Tron: Legacy & John Carter, who are then viewed as flops because they are promoted ineffectively. On the other hand they have a 70+ year history as a top tier animation house and they own/operate the two largest theme parks in the USA. So maybe cities like NYC, that are constantly complaining that they need to raise more money, should follow Disney down certain marketing plans. Case in point: Disney is using it's monorail system at its theme parks to promote the upcoming super movie, The Avengers. They have done this in the past (I specifically remember them doing this for Tron) and it makes perfect sense... the monorails are in constant view of a ton of people and moves throughout the surrounding areas of the parks. It's a billboard on wheels. So why doesn't NYC and other cities with extensive train systems allow companies to purchase train exteriors to wrap in advertising? What difference does it make? The train interiors are already FILLED with ads... but why not use the outside, which is visible to EVERYBODY in the surrounding areas, whether they actually ride the train or not? Check out the pic/video after the jump and let me know if you think this would be a good idea...

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  1. Boston does this. At least for the green line. it is the only line that travels above ground.