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April 3, 2012

Christopher Walken Reads "Where The Wild Things Are" & I Promptly Faint Due To A Brain Hemorrhage From Hysterical Laughter!!!!

After last years release of  "Go The F@#k To Sleep" as read by Samuel Jackson helped elevate the book to huge sales numbers, it was only a matter of time before the parodies would start rolling in. Youtube users Randumbify  have come correct with this new video that features an actor doing a Christopher Walken impression reading "Where The Wild Things Are". Now fans of the book know that there are not to many words in the original text, but you have to hear the crazy analysis of the pictures from Walken as he breaks down his version of what is happening with Max in the pages of the story. This is the best 10 minutes I have ever spent in my life watching a Youtube clip, and it takes me back to the great Walken speeches of Pulp Fiction (He hid it in the only place he knew they wouldn't find it.... up his ass!) & True Romance (Your a cantaloupe!!!). Fantastic video... give this a watch immediately!!!!


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