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March 20, 2012

Obscure Batman Villains by Scarlett Veith

When you are an artists you cut your teeth on illustrating characters that others have created. It is good practice and teaches you to emulate the techniques of previously successful artists in the field. Once you begin to make a name for yourself, most artists still engage in producing some fan art to add their own twists and turns to a character. But deviant artist Scarlett Veith took quite a different approach for her "Batman a Week" series of drawings. She chose to highlight some of the more obscure characters of the Batman mythos, especially the villains. These are so awesome they hurt my brain. The Ratcatcher... really? And she even took on two of my faves, Solomon Grundy & Batzzaro. Check out the full run of the line by clicking here and click after the jump for some of my faves...

Mad Hatter

The Ratcatcher

The Ventriloquist


Black Mask


Solomon Grundy


Hugo Strange

Calendar Man

The Phantasm 

Killer Moth

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