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March 20, 2012

The TMNT Cartoon Opening Credits Get A Stop Motion Makeover... Cowabunga!!!

Kyle Roberts is a talented director who wanted to shoot something that would remind him of his childhood. Nathan Poppe is an artist that was down to help out... so he hand drew 60 images to help create a stop motion version of the 1987 TMNT cartoon. Add in a decent cover of the title song by The Boom Bang and you got one hell of a 2 minute video. I know I would be proud of it. Roberts is talented, and the video is filled with tons of little winks and cliches that make it totally awesome.  Plus they got to use the newer Mecca TMNT figures, which are completely bad ass and look so much like the original comic book designs. Awesome dude. You can see the video as well as a cool "making of" vignette after the jump...

Thanks to Samurai Frog over at Electronic Cerebrectomy for this clip

and now the making of video:

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