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March 5, 2012

Nobody Loves The Hulk by The Traits

I was over at Electronic Cerebrectomy (a really cool personal blog run by Samurai Frog that you guys should check out by clicking here) and he posted this awesome 60's rock song from The Traits about Marvel's Big Green Machine. I have always loved The Hulk, ever since the old school TV show used to be on channel 11 every afternoon in re-runs. This song is a lot of fun and shows the cool side of Marvel for allowing this song to be made as a licensed product. I also love the music video that was created for Youtube because it features many of the classic Hulk covers from throughout the years. A very cool way to spend 3 minutes today, especially if you love The Hulk as much as I do. Check out the video after the jump...

Here is the full cover of the record and another advertisement:

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