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March 1, 2012

Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray Makes Digital Art Come To Life...

I read a ton of websites everyday and find a lot of the content that I post here on CCD from fellow bloggers who have a keen eye for awesome. When it comes to the comics, one of the best sites on the web has to be It's A Dan World.  Yesterday he featured an artist by the name of Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray and some of his many interesting digital creations. I then decided to dig a bit deeper and check out Murray's website to see if he had anything else worth posting... boy, that is an understatement! My man Dan has tons of cool art on his site, and he features a bunch of the more obscure characters  that I always like to see mixed in with the typical favorites. All artists can conceptualize a Batman piece... but can you take on The Shadow (Sam, the Shadow piece after the jump is for you)? Check out my favorite pieces of Mr. Murray and tell him that CCD sent ya...


  1. These are great. I love when these cosplayers pose in these photographs that show a bit extra of the character.