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February 29, 2012

Finally... The Avengers Truly Assemble!!!

It's about fucking time!!! After about seventy five different cuts of the trailer, tons of international trailers, fan made trailers, and other types of video clips... we FINALLY get a chance to see the full Avengers squad ACTUALLY FIGHTING in the new trailer just released today. Yup, the whole crew. We get to see a transformed Hulk wrecking shit and doing his best Willie Mays impression (you will get the analogy after you watch the trailer), Hawkeye being athletic and shooting his bow, and Iron Man/Cap/Thor kicking each others asses in typical in-fighting fashion that has always taken place in the pages of the Avengers. My only question is what the fuck is Black Widow going to do with a snub nose 9 millimeter handgun against intergalactic enemies?   Maybe Scar Jo just plans to smother the invaders in her ample boobage.... now that would have made the trailer complete, no? Click after the jump to see the newest trailer...

Plus, here is the newest poster:

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  1. Too many trailers already. I won't watch this one....May is right around the corner and I am psyched! (siked!?)