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March 2, 2012

Commercially Acclaimed Vol #25: Kate Upton Love Meat In Her Mouth

TV commercials are a part of our everyday lives as TV viewers. Even though Tivo and DVR have allowed us to "skip through" the commercials, the advertising companies are still trying to peak our interests by coming up with creative commercials. To me, great commercials are an art form and are under appreciated by a society that is always trying to speed through things. Think about it... how many times did you see a great commercial that made you laugh hysterically or want to go out and purchase the advertised product??? And how many times has the best part of the Super Bowl been the commercials during a blow out game???  Whether you want to admit it or not, commercials are cool as shit... and here are some of my favorites.

This weeks ad proves once again that Carl Jr's is the fast food franchise that I most want to work for. The fast food giant recruits all american hotness Kate Upton to have a solo eating session at the drive in with a Southwest patty melt. God damn this is one of the sexiest commercials I have ever seen. It's also a bit hotter because Upton is known to truly love greasy food, and boy would I love to show her my hotdog... enjoy the commercial!

1 comment:

  1. the ad worked. I wanted the burger after watching it. I also wanted to rewatch the ad.