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March 21, 2012

ABCinema & 123Films by Evan Seitz Take You On A Magical Journey Through Film History

I am a sucker for short films, especially ones that sport slick animation. It's an added bonus if the short can take me on a sentimental journey through film history. If you have TWO SHORTS instead of ONE, well... you are pretty much a lock to get featured here on CCD. So today we are highlighting Evan Seitz excellent shorts, ABCinema & 123Films. Both of them use short bursts of animation and audio clues from movies to take us on a journey down memory lane. Can you guess all of them? Some are obvious, but some are tougher to catch. Despite the fact that they total 1 minute and 30 seconds respectively, I'm sure you will be spending a bit more time than that on each one while you ride the pause button trying to figure them all out! Catch both shorts in full after the jump...


ABCinema from Evan Seitz on Vimeo.


123Films from Evan Seitz on Vimeo.

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